Black jack grove fiddle tune

By Mark Zuckerberg

Blackjack Grove

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Mozaik deliver "Romanian Horă", a fiddle tune learnt from Jacky Molard and played by van der Zalm, followed by Molsky's "Black Jack Grove" and its Blueridge mountains feel. [5] LAPD follow with "West Coast of Clare", [6] : 10–11 a romantic song written by Irvine about the times he spent in Milltown Malbay . Blackjack Grove Blind steer in a mudhole Blue goose Blue water hornpipe Bluegrass meadows Blues in a bottle "This collection represents a part of the large body of fiddle tunes currently being played in the community of old time musicians in the United States and around the globe. It includes tunes from California to Nova Scotia, Washington tuning = AEae Blackjack Grove p. 2 A (Art Stamper - fiddle) B A (Old time Kentucky Fiddle Tunes - Walter McNew fiddle) B You can hear Lake’s stomping take on Blackjack Grove here. The tune blasts to life with an eerie howl, and settles into a deep-voiced drone for the B-part, where one might be inclined to voice the titular “interjections,” as Lomax called ‘em. Black Jack Grove Black Mountain Rag Blackberry Blossom Blue Tail Fly Bluegrass in the Backwoods Bluegrass Meadows Bluegrass Stomp Boatin' Up Sandy Boatman Bonaparte's Retreat Booth Shot Lincoln Boston Boy Breaking Up Christmas Brilliancy Medley Brown County Breakdown Brushy Run Buckshot Buffalo Gals Bugle Call Rag Bull at the Wagon Bully of the

29 Sep 2016 Standout fiddle tunes include "Chinquapin Hunting," "Blackjack Grove," and " Duck River." "Dink's Song" is my favorite vocal number and though 

There are hundreds of tabs in my collection. Two groups are on this page -- one for tunes which have been featured on Banjo Hangout's old time Tune of the Week since 2008, plus more recently on Instagram and Facebook's Clawhammer Rules, and the other has various old-time tunes not in the Tune of the Week. There is another page called MORE TABS.On it are several groups of … Silberberg, Gene (ed.) / Complete Fiddle Tunes I Either Did or Did Not., Silberberg, Fol (2005), p 18 (Blackjack Grove) Black Jack Gypsy [Ch 200/Me I-A12] Us - Black Jack Davy/David. Black Joke/Jock/Joak [OND 994] Rt - But the Hoose and Ben the Hoose. At - Black Jack #2. Rm - Sprig of Shillelagh/Shillelah; Long Winter Night Only fiddle tracks since you just need to hear the tune. HOWEVER please note: If you order directly from me I will include a free link to the sound files at no additional charge! Table of Contents. Ask That Pretty Girl to Be My Wife Been All Around This World Been to the East, Been to the West Blackjack Grove Blue–Eyed Susan Chattanooga